il borgo
okay, I have found, possibly the best pizza in town. Feels like I’ve discovered a treassure map! Il Borgo is a small Pizzeria in Camberwell. Nothing fancy, just your regular local restaurant type of place.

Don’t be fooled! They don’t need fancy setting or add any glamour. Their pizza is a statement. Superb pizza base! Not the doughy-greasy type that makes you sick afterwards, but the thin and light base. The cheese, sauce and toppings are in the right amount of proportion, and they taste excellent. I can’t stop eating it. I think this could be the best pizza in town!

Mind you, I have never been to Italy to sample the original authentic pizza, but this place is recommended by one of my employers and friend (Italians). So they vouch for its authenticity and flavour. :) Authentic? Yes. Taste? Thumbs up guys!

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